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New Moon in Libra

The New Moon in Libra occurs late on Monday October 8th at 11:47pm EDT. A new moon is always conjunct the sun - meaning that these two "lights" of our solar system link up in the same degree of the same sign. This sets a new cycle in motion - that lasts the length of a lunar month (28-29 days.) The new moon is not visible in the sky until a few days later when it first appears as a tiny sliver. A new moon is a fresh start and represents a new theme that will play out over the next four weeks.

The Libra new moon focuses on balance, harmony, partnership, cooperation, relationships, self vs. other, negotiation and harmony. The new moon is tethered a bit by the fact that Venus - the planet which rules Libra - is currently retrograde. Venus retrograde symbolizes a period of introspection within which we analyze our primary partnerships, our relationship to money/wealth and contemplating what we value most.

One day after the New Moon, Mercury shifts from Libra to Scorpio (joining Venus and Jupiter there.) Put on your detective hat as Mercury in Scorpio likes to analyze clues, hidden motives, ferreting out secrets and uncovering buried truths. Our thoughts are more profound and we prefer deeper conversations under this influence. The Libra New Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn - meaning these two planets are 90 degrees apart. Libra and Capricorn are both Cardinal signs - strong leaders in their own right who operate from different motivations.

Pluto in Capricorn (where its been since 2008 and will remain through 2024) has had us looking hard at how we do business, how our political system is broken, the imperfections of capitalism, the damage that has been done due to living in a patriarchal society and our attitudes towards growing older. Capricorn rules maturity, chronology and the elderly. This Pluto transit coincides with the entrance of the baby boomers into older age and the fact that folks are living longer. Our attitudes towards the elderly and how we care for them will continue to be shaped over the next 6 years as we finish up Pluto through Capricorn.

Libra is all about cooperation and partnership - the mediator of the zodiac. The New Moon squaring Pluto could create a tension between our professional goals and relationship goals. Trying to achieve a perfect balance might be unrealistic. Instead let yourself dance - flowing between goals and how you spend your time. Like a pendulum - if you swing too far one way, gravity will pull you back in the other direction.

Overall this New Moon cycle represents a good time to review the important relationships in your life. Stay open to uncovering new ways of relating to others or ways in which you could compromise that you previously hadn't considered before. Playing with opposites, honoring the light and the dark, considering all sides of an issue are highlighted during Libra season.

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