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Guess what boo? You get to be rich. Yes that's right. You get to be healthy, wealthy and abundant. The days of working yourself to the bone are over. 

You can trust yourself to handle lots of money. You can be an amazing money steward. You don't have to sacrifice your ethics or integrity to be rich. 


Being abundant is your divine birth right. I'm going to help you eradicate any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from claiming the life that you deserve and the life that you really want. 


You can handle the ebbs and flows of business. You can trust in the Universal supply. You can have a schedule that feels so incredibly yummy with plenty of free time and time to take multiple vacations throughout the year. 


I'm going to help you make, receive and handle more money. I'm going to help you see how money actually IS spiritual and that being wealthy is virtuous.  

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Holistic Business Coaching

Invest in Your Dreams

Single Coaching Session - $397 BUY NOW

Coaching 5 Pack - $1875 BUY NOW

Coaching 10 Pack - $3500 BUY NOW

*Packages expire 365 days after purchase. For best results, two sessions monthly are recommended for at least six months.

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I currently have a few spots open for new Rich Bi$ches. This program is for humans who are ready to take control of their relationship with money and start living as the inherently powerful co-creatrix that they are.



This program might be right for you if you are a spiritual, holistic or wellness entrepreneur, business woman, business owner and/or wannabe entrepreneur. Rich Bi$ch is for women who are currently or want to be making 6 and 7 figures.


You can schedule a free 60 minute consultation call with me to see if we are a good fit.



With either the 5 or 10 session coaching package you get:

*Customized exercises and rituals to help address your specific issues and areas of focus
*Email support and access to Allison to bounce your ideas off of her, get support and feedback
*Bonus access to all of the material in her group program Moon Money Magic
*Access to the Moon Money Magic private Facebook group