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April Astrology

April arrives with some interesting planetary energies. The month is bookmarked by New Moons with the Aries New Moon exact on April 1st and the Taurus New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse wrapping things up on April 30th. The second New Moon in a calendar month is called a Black Moon.

The April 1st New Moon is the first New Moon of the Spring Season and in many ways the true start of the astrological New Year (if you're following the lunar calendar.) This New Moon is in Aries - the first sign of the zodiac that represents the seed, the embryo, independence, bold confidence and new beginnings. The New Moon is exact at 2:24am ET and is followed later in the day by a conjunction between the Sun and the asteroid Chiron in Aries. Chiron represents the wounded healer and overcoming traumas from this lifetime, past lives and trauma that has been passed down generationally.

The union between Sun and Chiron suggests that a pivotal healing event is likely to take place that might change the entire trajectory of your life. The very next day, Mercury forms the same aspect to both the Sun and Chiron further cementing thoughts about initiating something new from a more content and whole place. This alignment between Mercury and the Sun is known as a Superior Conjunction as Mercury lines up with our bright star on the far side of its orbit. This event is sometimes known as a Full Mercury - like Mercury's version of a Full Moon. This is great energy for downloading helpful insights, epiphanies, messages from spirit guides, angels and things of that nature.

After the intensity of the month begins, here's what you can expect for the remainder of April:

April 5th - Venus enters Pisces. Venus is exalted in Pisces and takes on a more soulful, spiritual tone. Venus seeks out and celebrates beauty found within spiritual practices and philosophies. Universal love is heralded as the ideal and you may be more inclined to participate in "pay it forward" type activities, trying to see the good within all human beings and walking a mile in someone's shoes before you judge them.

April 10th - Mercury is zipping along through the zodiac and enters Taurus today. Your thoughts will turn towards the more practical and methodical. You might take longer to make a decision, needing more time to process and integrate.

April 12th - Brings the long awaited conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. These two planets typically meet up every 13 years but the last time they aligned in Pisces was in 1856. These planets will be close together the entire month and will be supported by Venus linking up with Neptune on April 27th and with Jupiter on April 30th. Both Jupiter and Neptune have ties to Pisces as Jupiter was the ancient ruler of both Pisces and Sagittarius before the telescope discovered Neptune. Neptune is regarded as Pisces' modern day ruler and oversees the ethereal and spirit realms, dreams, symbols, fog, the ocean, addiction and solitude. Jupiter is the great expander, amplifying the energy of whatever sign it's in. This is a beautiful aspect that will hopefully allow many beings to receive a psychic and spiritual upgrade.

April 14th - features Mars' ingress into Pisces - a sign that it isn't very comfortable in. Mars is bold and strong willed - preferring action and logic over emotion and intuition. On a positive note, this could be a good time to embark on a new course or class in a spiritual field of study. You might be motivated to work on this area of your life - finding new rituals and practices that help you to connect to a higher power.

April 16th - the Libra Full Moon is exact at 2:55pm ET. Full Moons typically highlight a compromise between two opposite energies. In this case the Libra zodiac sign reminds you of the importance of relationship, cooperation and collaboration in what is otherwise a very individual and independent time with Aries ruling the season. This Full Moon trines Saturn in Aquarius - suggesting that communication and innovative breakthroughs will be supported.

April 19th - the Sun enters Taurus today, shifting the pace from the quick thrust of the Spring Equinox, to the fixed, steady, earth energy of the sign of the bull. With the Sun in Taurus you can expect the desire to take your time, savoring all experiences, wanting to relax into and relish things just a bit more as Taurus appreciates all of life's creature comforts.

April 29th - The almost 3 month long period with all planets in direct motion ends today with Pluto's station and subsequent entry into its annual retrograde. This energy is subtle with Pluto ruling the far reaching corners of our solar system. This phase will likely bring about a bit more introspection and inner exploration. Mercury changes signs on the same day entering Gemini - one of the two signs it rules. Classic one liners and witty replies are now the norm as this sign thinks fast and talks even faster.

April 30th - April ends with an interesting cosmic event - a Black New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus. The two benefics (a term the ancients used to describe the most favorable and auspicious planets in astrology) Venus and Jupiter align today in Pisces adding a very sweet energy to the mix. Eclipses tend to reveal something that has been blocked or hidden. With the Sun and Moon's presence in earthy Taurus, it's likely that this blockage could be somatic (body based.) An energetic or physical blockage may reveal itself to you in order to be healed, integrated and released. This is one of 2022's most positive days of the year - make a wish!!!

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