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Somatic Soul Sessions
Private & Group Yoga


Somatic Soul Sessions

True wealth is holistic. To live your life optimally, you need to experience abundance in all forms and on all levels. I want you to feel rich and wealthy inside and out - with mind, body and spirit all collaborating to give rise to a feeling of vitality and abundance that is matched by an overflowing bank account. Somatic Soul Sessions help you thrive by integrating mind, body and spirit. Possible benefits include: 

*Feeling more whole and integrated

*Emotional balance

*Increased peace and calm

*Reduced stress and anxiety

*Clearing and healing frozen trauma

*Reduced physical aches and pains

*Increased mental clarity and ability to focus

*Feeling more connected to your intuition

*Nervous system balance

*Increased confidence

In Somatic Soul sessions - the experience is customized to fit your unique goals, dreams, desires and needs. Each session is 60 minutes and could include an alchemical blend of the following: meditation, eye movement integration (EMI,) breathwork, tapping (EFT - emotional freedom technique,) hypnosis, somatic exercises, working with mantras and affirmations, guided visualization, working with the chakras and energetics and more. All of these modalities promote nervous system health and regulation as well as penetrating through the layers to your subconscious - so that change can be implemented from the inside out.

Single Sessions are 60 minutes and $222.

A 5 pack is $875 ($175 per session) and a 10 pack is $1500 ($150 per session)

Private & Corporate Yoga


Add yoga to your arsenal of self-care and book a private virtual session for yourself. Yoga can help reduce stress, increase flexibility, reduce minor aches and pains, promote emotional well-being, strengthen the ability to focus and concentrate, build physical strength and more. 



Bringing yoga to the workplace is also an excellent way to care for your mind, body and spirit, build camaraderie among co-workers, reduce absenteeism, lower stress, improve focus & concentration and boost productivity. Typically yoga sessions are 60 minutes but can be customized to meet your unique needs. 

Private yoga is $150 per session

Corporate/group yoga is $250 per session

Email me HERE to discuss getting something on the calendar for you or your company. 

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