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Hear from previous clients.

Coaching Testimonials

"From the inside out, Allison has helped me transform my money story, my business, and myself, making it possible for me to dramatically improve all three by leaps and bounds! Before I worked with Allison, I barely ever posted in any social media outlet about my business. With her gentle yet powerful encouragement, I quickly gained the confidence to let go of massive limiting beliefs that held me back and put myself out there in social media settings with incredible success ... in engagement, confidence, and dollars.

Allison’s coaching techniques blend the spiritual with action in a way that not only resonates but also really works. She is passionate, compassionate, intuitive and insightful... she knows exactly what to say and how to say it and she is not afraid to go deep to help me heal for long- term growth.

She adapts every single session to meet my exact needs in each moment. Her advice is always empowering, comforting, supportive and actionable. She has opened my mind and spirit to the idea of being rich and literally always aiming higher than I ever would have before. After working with Allison for one year, I am set to make the most money I have ever made in one year’s time by far, with the most money I’ve ever had in all of my accounts and the most exciting things happening to me at every turn!"

-Irene G.

Working with Allison helped me find the confidence to start my own business-- something I NEVER imagined I wanted or was capable of doing. My feelings around money have also changed significantly, primarily around my confidence that I can be paid what I deserve, and that I can still be a good person while doing it! I feel much more empowered around my finances, and am more gracefully and thoughtfully experiencing abundance when it comes my way, either in the form of money or in other kinds of energy.

-Michelle Z.

“I just got a verbal offer from one of the opportunities. $25k more than my current salary. Even a year ago, I wouldn't have even let myself think of that figure. - Emily H. 

“I can't thank you enough for never letting us quit on ourselves.” - Jessica S. 


“It is not an exaggeration that your coaching changed the trajectory of my life.” - Susan B.


“I finally got the confidence through working with you to open the pile of mail that I let accumulate over the last three years. You're never going to believe this - I had a $110K of unclaimed money in there!!!!" - M.K.


“Allison I have goosebumps. Out of nowhere one of my husband's friends just texted me to see if I would like to teach a corporate zoom class for his office. As I’ve been spending this entire week doing manifestation meditations on calling in another corporate client. Like what the actual fuck.” - Laura L.


“March to date is $33,536 in sales" - I. G.


"This is a dream come true... I am being paid to lead a program coaching people to write their books” -Elizabeth G. 


“I woke up to an extra $20,000 in my business checking account this morning!!!! I received a grant!” - Kristen W.

Video Testimonial - Susan B. WATCH HERE

Video Testimonial - Elizabeth G. WATCH HERE

Astrology Testimonials

"When I found out Allison did Astrology charts, I jumped at the chance to have her do mine. I don't know a ton about Astrology, but it has always spoken to me. Allison completed a whole report and went through it with me, explaining each section and what it meant; helping me understand how everything related. Mind-blowing. And of course, she's really pleasant and fun to be around, so the whole experience was wonderful from start to finish. Get your report done by her - you'll be so glad you did!"


-Emily M.

​"I came to astrology from a place of pure curiosity. I had been on a path of personal growth and was very interested in learning more about myself. Astrology was another amazing tool to provide insight into my personality. Allison provided that and so much more!  Allison's energy was calm and centered and I felt at ease as she explained what my chart meant to me. She answered my questions thoroughly and honestly and helped me to draw my own conclusions as well! She was incredibly knowledgeable and you could tell she was in her element as she spoke to me! I have since come back to my chart over and over again and I love Allison's posts each month on the various things in my life I should pay attention to based on what is happening astrologically. If you are interested at all in receiving this gift, Allison is your girl!"

-Catherine D.

"Thank you so much for last night's reading. It was super cool to learn about my chart and provided me with some clarity. This stuff is so cool! So great talking to you. Much appreciation."

-Kara M.

"I had a chart reading from Allison and it was truly eye opening. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience! I loved the fact that you made me feel extremely comfortable and let me be as open as possible. It truly was a life changing and I'm very grateful for your time. Would definitely recommend to others and would most likely go back for another :)"

-Ermig C.

"I've been curious about my natal chart for quite some time now so as a birthday present to myself I booked a 90 minute session.  Allison had such a great approach to walking me through my houses, planets, and signs.  She let me ask the questions I needed answered to gain more clarity, and she taught me a ton not just about my chart, but about the whole astrological foundation and philosophy.  Allison really knows her stuff and has a really comforting presence. I've already recommended Allison to all friends who are interested or even curious about their moon, sun and planets!"

-Carla P.

I’m a repeat customer of astrology readings with Allison. She’s awesome! If you have something you’re working through or are interested in the year ahead, she can tailor the focus of the reading to your liking. It’s an enlightening, positive experience. I highly recommend and will return for more myself.

Pam F. 

I had so much fun during my birth chart reading with Allison. I enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about myself and about astrology. Allison guided me through my birth chart and offered different ways to interpret and apply the information. It was like holding a magnifying glass to my past, present, and future. It was a very personal experience and Allison was very supportive. Beyond being a knowledgeable astrologer, she's a wonderful person to talk to. If you are curious at all about astrology, I highly recommend booking time with Allison. 

Allie N

Allison has done both a birth chart and a year 2020 reading for me. My birth chart reading was over two years ago, and I still reach for it with every sun sign transition to prepare for the month ahead. Upon receiving your birth chart, it is obvious that Allison holds a deep reverence for the craft. However, she conducts the readings in an extremely approachable manner. The readings are conversational (two-way dialogue), approachable (at your level), and mind-blowingly insightful. I often suggest that people book a reading as their next self-care activity. (Even more so now, in our current reality, as they are off limits) Massages and mani-pedis are wonderful, but a birth chart reading with Allison will serve you literally for the rest of your life (and maybe the next ones :) ).

Emily H.

I had a great reading with Allison. She is very knowledgeable, professional and most of all she makes the readings fun, engaging and easy to understand! I'm already looking forward to my next reading. Thank you so much Allison! 

Stacy S. 

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