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Astrology for Virgo Season

August 22nd: The Sun enters Virgo

The Sun officially enters Virgo at 5:35pm ET on August 22nd. The flashy, glittery vibes of #leoseason give way to a more methodical, practical and strategic mood. Virgo is a yin, mutable, earth sign and is the last month of the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere. Virgo rules the sixth house in astrology and its planetary ruler is Mercury. In general, Virgo and the six house rule health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, self-care, alternative medicine, caring for others physically, chores, busy work, order, organization and digestion.

Due to its Mercurial influence, Virgo is precise, detail-oriented, logical and analytical. Virgo's critical eye is good for things like editing, organization, research, writing, analyzing data, sorting and maximizing efficiency. The character that represents Virgo is the virgin. The word virgin originally meant independent and untamed - not sexually chaste. The word is derived from a Latin root that means strength, force and skill. This definition of the word virgin more accurately represents what Virgo is all about. Virgo is complete on his/her/their own and typically pursues only serious, committed relationships as opposed to flings and one night stands.

Each zodiac sign correlates to a body part or specific area of the body. Virgo rules the digestive system and intestines. It's not uncommon for Virgo to have a very sensitive GI system and food allergies and/or chemical sensitivities. Virgo rules the digestive process in general and that includes things beyond the physical and food. Virgo also represents the process of integration and assimilation that must occur when we ingest anything from food, to television to other people's energy. Virgo season is a great time to evaluate what you are consuming and whether or not what you're taking in gives rise to health, vitality and well-being or their opposites.

August 22nd: Full Moon in Aquarius

Before the Sun enters Virgo, the Full Moon in Aquarius is exact at 8:02am ET. This is the second Aquarian Full Moon in a row representing the final chapter of a story that was written throughout Leo month. On July 23rd the Full Moon occurred at one degree Aquarius. This Full Moon takes place at the final degree - 29 - of the water bearer. The final degree of any sign typically represents an ending and completion. Full Moons are beneficial for releasing and letting go. Something is ready to depart and give way under this lunation.

The energy surrounding this Full Moon is highly positive overall. The Moon is three degrees from Jupiter - forming a powerful conjunction. With Jupiter and the Moon joining forces, this Full Moon has the potential to produce powerful spiritual insights, give rise to growth and expansion that has lasting benefits well into the future and bring positive fortune and abundance. Venus and Saturn align harmoniously forming a trine in air signs while Mars and Uranus team up with a trine in earth signs. These aspects are great for romance and long term relationships as well as finding the motivation to re-invent the wheel in a way that has a lasting benefit.

August 30th Mercury enters Libra

Mercury changes signs and starts to slow down, officially entering its pre-retrograde shadow on September 6th. Mercury will be retrograde from September 27th to October 17th but you might start to feel the side-effects of that a few weeks beforehand. While in Libra, Mercury is concerned with balance, justice, fairness and equality. Libra is a fan of the pro and con list and can come up with endless reasons for and against something. When Mercury is in Libra you might have difficulty arriving at a decision since it's so easy to see what you're sacrificing by choosing to do one thing and not the other.

August 30th Quarter Moon + Moon Wobble

The first quarter Moon in Gemini is aligned with the North Node in the same sign. During a quarter Moon (when the Moon is half full in the sky) the Moon and Sun square each other - meaning they are 90 degrees apart. This aspect typically causes some friction and can be expressed as a mini crisis that pops up. When the quarter Moon aligns with either the North or South Node, the Nodes will square the Sun forming what is called a Moon Wobble. This is a turning point in the year, that highlights how much you've integrated the themes and lessons, life has thrown your way.

September 2nd Black Moon Lilith conjunct the North Node

Black Moon Lilith lines up with the North Node in Gemini from September 2nd to September 11th. Both Lilith and the North Node are mathematical points that have to do with the Moon's orbit - they aren't actually planets (or asteroids.) Lilith represents feminism and one's inner rebel. On a macro sale, the North Node represents the direction the collective is heading in. With these two points in Gemini, the ways in which you communicate, obtain information, network, engage with friends, neighbors and colleagues is changing.

September 6th New Moon in Virgo

The Virgo New Moon is exact at 8:52pm ET on September 6th. This is the perfect time of year for a fresh start as new moons typically represent new beginnings. This lunation falls on Labor Day, a time of the year that marks the unofficial transition from Summer to Fall. As a mutable sign, and the last month of the summer season, Virgo month has the flavor of both summer and fall. There is a change in the air as humidity drops and the sun sets a bit earlier. Mutable signs are the go-betweens, the shape-shifters, the chameleons of the zodiac and Virgo bridges the gap between the smoldering fire of Leo and the approaching vernal equinox. This New Moon forms an exact trine to Uranus in Taurus at 14 degrees. Expect a surprise or two that moves things forward in an exciting new direction.

September 10th Venus enters Scorpio

Venus enters the sign of her detriment on September 10th, diving into the deep waters of Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio is intense, jealous and unforgiving. The love planet is on the prowl in Scorpio, demanding the intensity of soul mate and twin flame connections. Anything less than that is completely unsatisfying. This transit can foster deep and impactful relationships that alchemize those involved. Just be ready to feel the frozen fire Scorpio is notorious for.

September 14th Mars enters Libra

Mars changes signs and enters Libra today where it will remain through October 30th. Mars represents ambition, drive, action, will power, assertiveness, aggression, anger, war and libido. Mars is considered to be in its detriment here - the sign opposite its natural domicile (Aries.) Mars tends to be a bit frustrated in Libra as its natural tendency to plow forward quickly is tempered due to Libra's thoughtful, analytical tendencies. The impact of this transit might slow things down a bit, especially given that Mercury will retrograde in the same sign (Libra) towards the end of the month. Patience is required here as it becomes more difficult to discern your next right move. Remember that all delays serve a higher purpose.

September 20th Full Moon in Pisces

The Pisces Full Moon clocks in at 7:55pm ET on September 20th. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is said to contain a piece of all other eleven signs within it. Pisces is the original empath, highly sensitive to the needs and emotions of others and views humanity with a loving, spiritual eye. This soulful Full Moon will send out moonbeams of compassion and care in what has been another difficult and trying year full of unknowns. Pisces represents old age and the wisdom that comes from experience. It is the sage, mystic and seer of the zodiac. Meditate during this full moon and ask for the divine wisdom from your spirit guides so that you can make sense of your current circumstances and receive valuable insight that helps you move forward.

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