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Welcome to Sagittarius Season!

November 21st: The Sun enters Sagittarius

At 9:34pm ET on November 21st, the Sun shifts from the shadows of Scorpio to philosophical and inquisitive Sagittarius. This shift from a water sign to a fire sign always feels distinctly palpable. Scorpio prefers the depths and rules death, rebirth and transformation. It's likely that over the last month you may have felt a lot of inner tumult - with things shifting and falling away. Scorpio is constantly shedding another layer, with something dying and decaying to make space for something new. This process can feel uncomfortable and confusing while it's occurring. With the arrival of Sagittarius season, relief is on the way. This sign is upbeat, optimistic, adventurous, eager, warm and charismatic. Sagittarius is the perfect way to celebrate all of the hard work you put in while the Sun and some of the inner planets were in Scorpio.

Sagittarius is a mutable, yang, fire signed ruled by the giant planet Jupiter. Sagittarius is associated with the ninth house in astrology and represents philosophy, knowledge, wisdom, truth, higher education, global travel, religion and exploration. Jupiter has governance over these topics as well and serves as an amplifier and expander. Jupiter will magnify anything that its energy touches and this gives rise to Sagittarius' "larger than life" quality. Sagittarius prefers to take a macro-level view, to focus on the big picture instead of getting bogged down into the details. Sagittarius is a great companion for the beginning of the holiday season and the Thanksgiving holiday - where we are encouraged to focus on the abundance within and all around.

Both Mercury and Mars will shift to Sagittarius in the next couple of weeks as well, joining the Sun, the asteroid Vesta and the South Node in the sign of the Archer. The character of Sagittarius is a Centaur - half human, half horse - shooting a bow and arrow. The arrow is a metaphor for Sagittarius' desire to explore and travel far.

November 24th: Mercury enters Sagittarius

Mercury follows the Sun from Scorpio to Sagittarius where it is moving quickly now - progressing through almost two degrees of the zodiac daily. Mercury cleared its post retrograde shadow at the beginning of November and is now moving direct without any obstructions. While in Sagittarius, you might find that your thoughts are more philosophical in nature, optimistic and expansive. You might set your sights on a big goal, enroll in an educational program, plan a long distance journey and focus on the big picture in general.

November 27th: Last Quarter Moon in Virgo/Moon Wobble

The last quarter Moon occurs when the waning Moon appears half full in the sky. Although these half moon phases don't get as much publicity as the New and Full Moons do, they can be highly charged times when a mini crisis comes to a head. The first and last quarter Moons symbolize a time period when any disagreements, conflicts or issues need to be resolved and integrated. This particular last quarter Moon is notable because it squares the lunar nodes.

The lunar nodes are the points where the Moon's path intersects with the Sun's orbit. These two nodal points are typically in zodiac signs where any current eclipses will occur. The north node is currently in Gemini while the south node is in Sagittarius. This quarter Moon squares both of these points, called a Moon wobble which signifies the halfway point between eclipses. This is the halfway point between the Taurus Full Moon and lunar eclipse on November 19th and the Sagittarius New Moon and Solar Eclipse coming up on December 4th. Things might feel a bit "wobbly" or shaky as the change that the first eclipse initiated is potent and not yet fully integrated.

November 28th: Sun - Mercury Superior Conjunction

Mercury and the Sun meet at the exact same degree of Sagittarius today resulting in what is known as a Full Mercury. This event is somewhat similar to the energy of a Full Moon but involves Mercury instead. The energy of Mercury is at a pinnacle during this period as the planet is direct and moving quickly through the zodiac. All of the themes ruled by Mercury should be in a flow state - travel, communication, technology - with little to no hiccups. Mercury's superior conjunction with the Sun occurs every 116 days and marks Mercury's transition from a morning to an evening star.

November 29th: Vesta - Sun Conjunction

A day after the Sun and Mercury unite, the asteroid Vesta links up with the Sun in Sagittarius. Vesta rules the hearth and home, your inner fire and flame, what you're devoted to, your spiritual relationships, dedication and service. With the Sun shining a spotlight on this virginal asteroid you might be a bit more focused on these themes. The Vestal Virgins of ancient Rome where young girls tasked with keeping the fire burning. They had to commit to celibacy for 30 years after their tenure as a hearth keeper. Due to this confluence between service, dedication, sexuality and power, Vesta has ties to both Virgo and Scorpio.

December 1st - Neptune Direct

Neptune changes directions today after being retrograde since June 25th. Neptune retrogrades once a year and typically spends five to six months doing the backstroke. Neptune rules spirituality, dreams, symbols, fantasy, deception, substance abuse, the ethereal, the ocean, mist and fog. While retrograde, you might experience a subtle lack of clarity, feeling unclear about which move to make next, existential crises and feeling cut off from your spiritual connection. Now that the planet is moving forward, the fog will subside and it's likely that your next steps, goals and overall vision will come into sharper focus.

December 4th - New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse will be exact at 2:43am ET. Although this is a total solar eclipse it will not be visible from the United States. New Moons are typically beneficial for new beginnings, setting intentions and planting seeds. You might apply that energy to the areas under Sagittarius' oversight - higher education, philosophy, travel, wisdom, expansion and growth. This is the last eclipse in a series involving either Sagittarius or its opposite Gemini. This is because the lunar nodes have been in these two signs since May 2020. The nodes will shift to Taurus and Scorpio in January 2022 so in many ways this Solar Eclipse is like the last chapter of a story you've been reading for a year and a half. Now is the time to celebrate how far you've come. Eclipses tend to reveal something that has been hidden or buried - bringing it out into the light. Solar eclipses can be a bit more impersonal, public and external whereas lunar eclipses tend to impact your primary relationships and inner life. It's possible that some public, news-worthy event or piece of information will come out as a result of this eclipse. The energy of an eclipse can take up to six months to be fully experienced and digested.

December 13th - Mars enters Sagittarius & Mercury enters Capricorn

Two of the inner planets change signs today with Mars moving into Sagittarius and Mercury breaking away into Capricorn. With Mars in Sagittarius you might feel extra motivated to book a travel experience, embark on a journey of some sort that you've never done before or commit yourself to studying something on a deeper level. Mercury entering Capricorn will bring a more serious and practical tone to your mental focus. Capricorn sees everything as a potential business opportunity and is completely dedicated to career growth.

December 18th - Gemini Full Moon

This Full Moon in Gemini occurs just before midnight at 11:35pm ET on December 18th. This is the last Full Moon of 2021 - a perfect time to let go, surrender and release whatever didn't serve. Gemini is about information, media, communication, friendship, neighbors and siblings. With the North Node in this sign for the past year and a half, it's likely that you've been on the hunt for accurate information. Sometimes astrology is mind-blowingly literal and the rise of fake news over the last few years is not a coincidence. Chances are you had a hard time figuring out what to believe in terms of the pandemic, the vaccine, politics, and what choice is best for you. This is a great Moon to release the false and the dishonest and call in the truth and greater clarity.

December 19th - Venus Retrograde and Chiron Direct

The 19th is a big day with the Full Moon energy quite strong and a few planetary bodies changing direction. Venus stations for retrograde motion today, something that only happens every 18-24 months. Venus was last retrograde in May 2020. She typically zips through the zodiac spending about 3 weeks in each sign. Due to this retrograde period which lasts from December 19th to January 29th, she'll spend about four months in Capricorn (from November 5th, 2021 to March 6th, 2022.) Venus rules love, intimacy, romance, passion, values and finances. While in Capricorn, Venus is more practical - prioritizing work over pleasure. During this prolonged transit, you might embark on a business venture with a loved one, have a more serious talk about finances and bring more focus to the ever elusive work/life balance. While Venus is retrograde, issues from the past can come to the surface. It's a good time to honestly evaluate both your love life and your relationship with money to make sure both are working together to co-create the reality that you want.

Chiron has been retrograde since July 15th and stations for direct motion today. When any planet is retrograde, its influence and energy is inverted. Chiron is nicknamed the Wounded Healer and represents core wounds that you've worked really hard on but never completely heal from. These wounds are kind of your cross to bear in this lifetime. While the asteroid has been retrograde, it's likely that you were engrossed in a period of deep introspection, healing, therapy, coaching or things of that nature. Now as the centaur moves forward, it's time to take your recovery show on the road and make different choices that reflect how much you've grown and changed.

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