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Welcome to Aquarius!

This week finishes out the zodiac month of Capricorn. At 3:59am EST on Sunday January 20th the Sun enters air sign Aquarius. Each sign is ruled by a particular planet – before Uranus was discovered Aquarius was said to be ruled by Saturn (just like the sign before it – Capricorn.) Now the planetary ruler of Aquarius is Uranus – which is altogether much more appropriate in my opinion. The energy of Capricorn is serious, practical, sober and stern at times, preferring to dive deep into career and business, forgoing what it might consider unproductive or frivolous. Here the planetary ruler of Capricorn – Saturn – is very much in effect. Saturn is no-nonsense and practical, admonishing us to get serious, trim the fat, cut the crap and do whatever needs to be done to reach our goals. This year – 2019 – is highly influenced by Saturn as several planets are transiting Capricorn and three eclipses take place in this 10th sign of the zodiac.

In some ways Saturn could be likened to a strict parent. Enter the teenage rebel for life – Uranus. Uranus can’t stand to be put in a box, labeled with stereotypes, pushed to conform. Uranus dislikes authority, represents eccentricity and individuality as well as lightning, electricity and surprises. It is said to be the higher octave of the planet Mercury – like Mercury after a few Red Bulls ;). This planet seems to better describe Aquarius. Aquarius is progressive, visionary and global. It rules innovation, the future, astrology, groups, teams and humanitarian aid. This air sign can sometimes appear aloof as the mental takes priority over the emotional. Under the influence of the Sun in Aquarius we may be inspired more by originality, seeking out knowledge and tuned into world politics.

People are often tricked into thinking that Aquarius must be a water sign because of the root found in its name. The symbol of Aquarius is the water-bearer. This archetype is one who works to benefit all of humanity – bringing water (sustenance) - to all. The water-bearer’s task is to help as many people as possible. In an article written by Betty Bland for the Theosophical Society of America, she discusses what it means to be living now in the Age of Aquarius:

“The Aquarian idea of life-giving wisdom and compassion is an age-old concept and has been symbolized in traditions other than astrology. Kwan Yin is represented as a deity, who tips a vial of the precious elixir of life so that the droplets are available to nourish all. In this form she is also considered to be the oriental feminine version of Avalokiteshvara, or the Buddha of compassion. Pouring out pitchers of water, the kneeling figure in the Star card of the Major Arcana Tarot represents seeking and sharing wisdom in the depths of the psyche. Although free flowing water tends to represent our emotional natures, water contained or controlled by a vial or pitcher seems to represent those emotions contained and controlled by a higher faculty in order to provide wisdom. Notice that the wisdom is not static but is shared with humanity. The challenge of the water bearer is to be able to contain the emotional nature in a healthy way. One has to find wholeness within oneself in order to function most effectively and freely in cooperation, without being swallowed up or losing one's independence and individuality in the group. Being able to achieve this balance is a major task set before us.”

Although Aquarius strives for the benefit of the many as opposed to the few, it also champions individuality. Those with a strong Aquarius presence in their natal charts are likely to have more than a few tattoos, multi-colored hair or some other stamp of eccentricity. As mentioned above, Aquarius can come off as cool and impersonal. As with all of the air signs sometimes they can get “stuck in their heads.” Each zodiac sign has an opposite to help us strike a balance if we swing too far to an extreme. The opposite of Aquarius is fire sign Leo – where the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place just hours later at 12:16am EST on Monday January 21st. More on that in a big post tomorrow.

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