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June 3rd Venus - Sun Conjunction

On June 3rd retrograde Venus in Gemini conjuncts the Sun. Venus is the planet of love, abundance, romance, intimacy, passion and dating. She also represents feminine energy and the Divine feminine. While retrograde, Venus could bring up some issues within your romantic relationships that you've been over before. It might feel annoying to have the same issues crop up again but Venus has some deeper lesson for you in mind. During Venus retrograde you might re-analyze what went wrong in a previous relationship or perhaps fantasize about a relationship from the past. It's good to let these thoughts just pass by without acting on them. Perhaps there's another layer of healing to be done, another slice of the onion to peel or some other aspect that needs to be surrendered.

While Venus is in Gemini her attention span is short. She craves lots of variety and stimulation. Venus in Gemini excels in flirtation but doesn't really back that up with any kind of commitment. When Venus aligns with the Sun she'll be extra potent (albeit retrograde.) Because she's moving backwards this is said to be an "inferior" conjunction. When Venus is direct and aligns with the Sun that is termed a superior conjunction. The inferior conjunction can be thought of as a "New Venus" similar to the energy of a New Moon. The superior conjunction is like having a "Full Venus" - similar to a Full Moon. The June 3rd conjunction will set a New Venus cycle in motion. Shortly after this date Venus will start to appear as a star in the morning sky. She switches back and forth between being a morning and an evening star. This New Venus cycles heralds a bit of promise in a time when spirits have been dampened by the global pandemic, economic fall out, cultural and race wars and other major things that have been making the headlines recently.

Watching for Venus in the morning sky serves as a reminder that things will rise again. Venus doesn't recognize the word lack. She only knows abundance and beauty. Venus sees good in everyone and in all things. One of the fastest ways to attract Venusian abundance is to be grateful for the things you already have. You might write out a gratitude list dedicating it to Venus. Ask her to show you where the abundance lies in your life.

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