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Venus Retrograde

The next planet to join the retrograde party is Venus on May 13th, 2020. The second planet from the Sun will be retrograde for about 6 weeks through June 25th, 2020. Venus only retrogrades every year and a half or so. This planet rules intimacy, romance, abundance, love and money. Venus' backwards trip will be through the sign of Gemini. With Venus in this sign we might feel restless when it comes to matters of the heart, easily bored and craving some excitement and stimulation. Gemini loves variety - sometimes this looks like a revolving door of relationships, but other times it just means wanting a lot of variety and adventure within one stable relationship.

The spice in your relationship might feel a bit weak right now as we are all bogged down by the crushing weight of the global pandemic. Being mostly at home for the better part of two months, you might feel stifled as this has prevented Venus in Gemini from getting the new experiences she craves. With Venus moving retrograde the focus shifts from the external to the internal. Gemini's craving for variety could be done in the form of inner work or work together with your partner if you're in a romantic relationship. You could sign up for a few courses designed to talk about self-love, healthy relationships, bringing consciousness to your relationship - things of that nature. With the love planet in retrograde it's not the best time to begin new relationships as what might seem enticing and compatible in the moment could shift once Venus resumes her direct motion.

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