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Venus Direct; Mercury Retrograde

On November 15th Mars changes signs from Aquarius to Pisces where it will remain for the rest of 2018. Mars symbolizes energy, drive, action and ambition. Mars is a little flaccid in water sign Pisces. This transit isn't the best for ticking items off the to-do list but it's great for spiritual exploration. While Mars is in Pisces our interest shifts to the spiritual, the symbolic and the sacred. We will be more motivated to dedicate time and energy to our spiritual lives. Overall I think this is a really nice way to end the calendar year. This energy pairs fairly well with the upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle - beginning tomorrow November 16th. Mercury retrogrades in Sagittarius and then back into Scorpio before it resumes direct motion on December 6th. On the same day that Mercury retrogrades, Venus resumes direct motion. Venus direct is helpful for our attitudes toward money, abundance and our interactions with romantic partners. If you've been feeling stuck in these areas relief is on the way! The Mercury retrograde period slows down communication, technology, the sharing of information and can interfere with short travel and other plans. While annoying in our go-go-go society, Mercury retrograde has its benefits. Any time a planet goes retrograde the focus shifts inward. This pairs well with the spiritual seeking of Mars in Pisces. During Mercury retrograde you might desire more solitude, spend more time in meditation, review things that you've been working on and let go of anything superfluous. It's a thrice annual reminder to slow down. Ironically we're getting our first snow fall where I live tomorrow - a similar symbol of the approaching quiet of winter. Next week features a ripe full moon in Gemini just after Thanksgiving and a big cosmic kiss from the sky with the Sun conjunct Jupiter. Stay tuned for a blog post on those topics!

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