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The Totems of Scorpio

In popular culture the zodiac sign of Scorpio doesn't get a fair shake. For many people Scorpio symbolizes jealousy, revenge, sex and death. Although the sign does in fact rule all of these things there is so much more to it. Scorpio happens to be my favorite sign - as I'm drawn to the occult as a Scorpio rising and stellium in the 8th house.

Scorpio represents death, rebirth, growth, transformation, evolution, the occult, the mysterious, the hidden and buried, the metaphysical, other people's money, taxes and inheritance. Scorpio makes a natural detective as its keen powers of perception are unparalleled. Scorpio is incredibly intuitive and equal parts strong and sensitive. It's extreme sensitivity and penchant for the taboo, the underworld and the dark side are what gives it such a dark reputation.

In a society such as the United States - which purports things like "peace, love and light"- of course Scorpio wouldn't be the most popular archetype. The ironic thing is - the brighter the light - the darker the shadow. The United States has an incredibly dark shadow that was partially revealed by the election of Donald Trump back in 2016 and that is also on display now with the coronavirus pandemic. Built on claims of freedom and equality, the United States exists today after its mass execution of the Native Americans and then later slave trade economy. The tale of the U.S. is a dark one but many people dismiss, deny and ignore that fact.

The United States is full of things like racism, inequality, misogyny and things of that nature yet, we pretend to be the hero of the world - bringing "democracy" to countries after we decimate them for their oil. Scorpio is adept at exposing the shadow - uncovering the truth - bringing things to light that people would rather have buried and forgotten. The upcoming Full Moon in this sign may bring such things to light for you on a personal level. This is the 3rd and final Super Moon of the year (when the moon is closest to the Earth appearing 14% bigger and brighter in the sky.) Self-limiting behaviors and patterns may be revealed to you so that you can release them and move on.

The sign of Scorpio is depicted by 4 totems marking the different stages of human evolution. These stages are not necessarily linear as we can move from one to another and then back again to learn the same lesson on a deeper level. The totems are as follows:

The Serpent:

The serpent - a creature that has a negative reputation - used to symbolize the Goddess and the Divine Feminine. The serpent is constantly evolving - shedding another layer of skin. We too are like the serpent as we're constantly generating new skin cells and shedding old ones. We do this figuratively and literally. As a snake sheds its skin the skin still resembles the snake's shape - serving as a reminder of what it once was and how far it has come. Can you embrace your former self - even if you don't like some aspects of who you used to be? Your life - your spirit is constantly in the state of becoming. Every moment of your life is an evolution - an alchemical process - as you mix with the world around you.

The Scorpion:

Similar to the snake, the scorpion is another creature that freaks people out. It runs around on the ground, often out of sight right up until the moment it strikes. It lashes out when provoked and is thought to embody qualities like revenge, rage and jealously. This is the Scorpio in her less favorable moments. This totem represents our instincts that kick into gear when we feel that our lives and/or livelihood is threatened. These instincts exist for a reason - just like the scorpion - as a means for self-protection. The evolved or evolving Scorpio knows that these instincts have a time and place - namely during a battle of some kind. It's learning to pause between thought and reaction that can lesson the sting of this totem. It's knowing that there are only a few true moments in our lives when we really need to go into battle. Most things can be resolved with some deep breaths, time and space.

The Phoenix:

The mythical bird and popular tattoo symbol represent the moments in life that bring us to our knees. At some point in time we will all hit rock bottom. Rock bottom can occur with a break up, a death, a job loss, a car accident or even just a big emotional overhauling that serves to wake us up. At some point in life we are forced to look at what's really important. For some of us we have to lose everything in order to get there. It's at this point - when everything is burned to the ground, that your spirit is tested and you get to see what you're really made of. As you rise from the ashes, you have a new perspective on life and know that from this point on you'll never be the same. Perhaps you release old habits, certain relationships, jobs, or anything else you realize was not in harmony with your true, authentic self. This is a pivotal stage in human development as you rise to meet your highest potential.

The Eagle:

Lastly, we have the eagle. The eagle can live for over 100 years and it has incredible vision - seeing for miles and miles. The eagle is able to soar above it all and it possesses clarity. This clear vision has come from all of the stages of evolution that it has undergone before. No experience has been in vain. The eagle is able to SEE because of all the lessons it has learned. As a symbol of wisdom, this bird can see everything that happened in its past and also what the future will bring. At this point it can coast and let the wind currents carry it along. It has let go of the fight, knowing that the Universe has its back.

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