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Scorpio Full Moon

The Scorpio Full Moon arrives the morning of May 7th at 6:45am EST. The Moon is said to be in her fall in the sign of Scorpio - meaning she doesn't function at her best here. Although the Moon rules fellow water sign Cancer, Scorpio adds a lot more intensity to the mix. Scorpio is the psychic exorcist - dredging up material buried deep in the subconscious. Scorpio always has its shovel ready to dig. With the moon here, it's like sitting on top of a volcano that you know is going to erupt soon. You can try to run and hide but the lava will be flowing fast in all directions. Scorpio rules death, rebirth, transformation, loss, tragedy, the occult, the metaphysical, secrets, motives, other people's money & resources, taxes and inheritance.

With the Full Moon in this sign, it's likely that some or all of these themes will be staring us in the face. Any unprocessed grief over dates, events, vacations, weddings, etc. that all had to be cancelled due to the pandemic may rise to the surface. Any fear, feelings of powerlessness, and a loss of control are likely to be exacerbated. Scorpio does crave power and can have a difficult time letting go. This makes Scorpio both a fighter (someone who has a tremendous amount of inner strength) and also stubborn (not always knowing when to quit.)

When the Moon is full the analogy is that the subconscious is now fully illuminated under a spotlight. There's no where to run and hide as the moonbeams shine down in all directions. This phase represents a climax of some sort - it can be a time when frustrations turn from a simmer to a boil, when your energy peaks, when your creativity is at an all time high. Full Moons can always be intense but the most intense one of the year is the Scorpio Full Moon. This lunation is likely to feel like an energetic purge. We'll be encouraged to release any skeletons in the closet, inner demons, wounds that keep getting their scabs peeled off. Scorpio is the shaman - assisting you and guiding you through the pains of purification. Try to surrender and ride the tide instead of swimming against the current. You'll be taken on a journey with this Moon and something about you is going to shift and change on a soul level.

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