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North Node enters Cancer - November 6th, 2018

The North Node retrograde enters Cancer on November 6th at 1:09pm EDT. The North Node and South Node are pairs of points that signify where the Sun's path (the ecliptic) and the Moon's path intersect. These two points are where any Solar and Lunar eclipses usually occur (imagine the two points where two overlapping circles meet.) The South Node will enter Capricorn tomorrow (the opposite of Cancer.) The nodes typically reside in a pair of opposite zodiac signs for approximately 1.5 years before changing signs. The North Node will be in Cancer until May 5th, 2020. If you have any personal planets in Cancer you'll experience a conjunction with that planet and the north node at some point in the next year and a half. Overall the north node in Cancer will create an urge to focus on the domestic, family ties, looking into the past, managing your emotions and wanting comfort and security. The nodes will be activated by the next round of eclipses that will happen in 2019. They include:

January 5th - partial solar eclipse in Capricorn

January 21st - total lunar eclipse in zero degrees Leo (even though NN is in Cancer)** Mark your calendars for this one as it will be entirely visible in the United States

July 2nd - total solar eclipse in Cancer

July 16th - partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn

December 26th - annular solar eclipse in Capricorn

In your personal birth chart the North Node signifies your soul's purpose in this lifetime. The South Node represents past lives and lessons that your soul has already mastered. If your North Node is in Cancer you are here to learn about family, the home, security, emotions, compassion, nurturing, mothering and creating safe spaces. How you go about this will be determined by the house that your north node is in and how it interacts with the other planets and aspects in your chart.

This is a big week astrologically speaking. The New Moon in Scorpio clocks in on Wednesday November 7th at 11:03am EDT. Jupiter enters Sagittarius on November 8th at 7:38am EDT. I'll be posting individually about these two things tomorrow. Stay tuned :).

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