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New Moon in Scorpio - November 7th, 2018

Wednesday November 7th brings us the New Moon in Scorpio at 11:03am EDT. Scorpio has been the backdrop for a lot of us this past year with Jupiter's transit in this 8th sign of the zodiac. The Jupiter stay in Scorpio ends one day later on November 8th - so the New Moon picks up where she leaves off. Jupiter spends about 1 year in each sign - she entered Scorpio on 10/10/17 and exits on 11/8/18. Jupiter (large in mass and influence) magnifies whatever she touches. The Jupiter transit through Scorpio brought up things like - confronting your inner demons, your sexuality and any issues there, power and control, death and rebirth, interest in the occult (more and more people are following moon phases now, reclaiming the word "witch", pursuing things like astrology, tarot, shamanism and the like.) Scorpio is a tough sign and somewhat scary for folks. The thing about Scorpio is it is extremely sensitive and extremely tough at the same time. In that way Scorpio can appear to be a walking contradiction or enigma. This sign is super sensitive emotionally but has the tenacity of a bull dog.

I speak from experience here as Scorpio is the dominant sign in my chart (it's also my favorite sign) - it's my rising sign and my Sun and three other planets reside in the Scorpio house (the 8th house.) My experience in this lifetime as someone wearing the cloak of Scorpio is that I FEEL everything. I am an empath - super sensitive to other people's energy and emotions. I can feel the energy of the room and I'm clairsentient - I can usually tell what other people are feeling just by observing them. Although sometimes this sensitivity is overwhelming and I just want to hide I am also a fighter. I am tough and strong as nails - sometimes this intimidates people even though that's not my intention. Scorpio is a fixed sign - it is powerful, a hard worker, determined and knows how to dig its heels in.

Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio - another one of the million reasons why I love her. Although we couldn't get her elected, her legacy lives on. During this Scorpio New Moon cycle (just one day after the midterm elections - no coincidences!) call upon your inner strength. Scorpio reminds us that there are energies in play that can't be seen with the naked eye. Scorpio rules the metaphysical realm - the opposite of Taurus - the sign who oversees all things physical and tangible in the material world. New Moons signify new beginnings. This New Moon is buoyed by the next phase of Jupiter (another new beginning) as she enters Sagittarius (the sign she rules) on November 8th. Change is in the air in many ways - the north node is also changing signs - as it moves retrograde from Leo to Cancer today (November 6th.)

Get quiet and take some time to meditate or journal. Scorpio has a strong intuition and its important to heed its message. Don't let the world, the haters, the dissident voices tell you what you can and cannot do. You know yourself better than anyone else. Don't let the naysayers tell you it's impossible to have a female president. We will - she's coming - hopefully very soon. The future isn't female - the future is all inclusive. The future is about revering both the divine feminine AND the divine masculine. Scorpio is a beautiful manifestation of this duality - sensitive AND strong - hard AND soft. We need both - they are equally important - and when held in balance form an incredibly beautiful union that lives and breathes new life into existence.

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