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New Moon in Capricorn

This Saturday January 5th brings us the New Moon and partial solar eclipse in Capricorn at 8:29pm EST. The solar eclipse won’t be visible here in the northeastern part of the United States but that doesn’t undermine its potency. Eclipses always come in pairs and this one is followed by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo on January 21st. The New Moon is the perfect time to start something NEW, to make a new beginning. This energy characterizes the entire week as we just flipped the page to 2019. All of the energy, all of the momentum and this phase of the moon is guiding us to the start of a new chapter.

The New Moon and partial solar eclipse in Capricorn kick off a string of eclipses that will fall in this cardinal, earth sign. The South Node is currently in Capricorn while its opposite – the North Node - sits in Cancer. The nodes represent the two places where the ecliptic (the Sun’s path) and the moon’s path intersect. This ushering in of Capricorn energy will ask us to take a good hard look at our processes and procedures, our ability to be organized (or lack thereof,) our business and career goals, how we present ourselves to the world and how we set and maintain boundaries. One of Capricorn’s teachings is that we need boundaries in order to grow and thrive. Think of a houseplant – it needs a pot – it needs to be contained – with soil, the right amount of water and exposed to the right amount of light. The container provides the foundation for it to thrive. Humans are the same. We might want total freedom for freedom’s sake (hello Aquarius, hello Uranus) but this desire often ends in disappointment. Complete, unbridled freedom dissolves into chaos. If the energy isn’t contained and maintained it disperses into the Universe and out of our grasp.

In order to thrive we need a solid container. Imagine trying to raise children with absolute anarchy – no rules. Have you ever read the book “Lord of the Flies?” Yikes. Capricorn reminds us that some rules are necessary and actually give rise to greater freedom in the long run. Having some discipline can lead to manifesting your heart’s deepest desires. Capricorn represents the footwork part of the equation. We can have the desire (Scorpio) and the vision (Aquarius) for example but without the work ethic (Taurus) and structure (Capricorn) we won’t get anywhere. Capricorn and its planetary ruler – Saturn – want to support you. Sometimes their energy can feel like a big cosmic party pooper but that’s really because we’re not looking at the bigger picture. Capricorn encourages us to be responsible, to cross the T’s and dot the I’s, to take the time to streamline our processes, to put together a manual so you don’t have to spend an hour searching for the same information over and over. By cleaning up your act so to speak, you’ll be able to make your dreams come true. Thus goes the saying – dreams only work if you do.

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