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Libra Season: Find Your Balance

September 22nd: The Sun enters Libra

September 22nd marks the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Sun's entrance into Libra. The astrological New Year begins with the Spring Equinox and Sun's entrance into Aries. We are now exactly halfway through the zodiac calendar. The word equinox comes from two Latin words "aequi" meaning equal and "nox" meaning night. The fact that day and night are now temporarily equal symbolizes Libra's constant desire and striving for balance. Libra is the only zodiac sign represented by an inanimate object - the scale. Libra is a cardinal air sign and rules the 7th house in astrology. This gives it governance over marriage, commitment, long term relationships, business partners and legal issues.

In general Libra represents relationship and the mirror-like learning that takes place between two individuals. This sign is cooperative, collaborative, prefers harmony and peace, values justice and appreciates aesthetics. The air element quality contributes to Libra's ability to analyze and see all of the sides and angles of an issue. This makes Libra an excellent mediator and arbitrator. Because Libra is so good at listing all of the pros and cons for something, it can have trouble making decisions. The fact that Libra shies away from confrontation can make this sign a bit of a people pleaser.

Libra's ruling planet is Venus. Venus is said to express her octave through Libra and her lower octave in Taurus. Libra's tastes are refined and it prefers quality over quantity. Libra appreciates art, gourmet cooking and high end clothes. Overall, this #libraseason is very busy astrologically. It includes the final Mercury retrograde of 2021 and then four planets shifting from retrograde to direct motion in October. A couple of planets conjunct the Sun which might bring in a new energy and open new doors. You can read about some of the other astro highlights for the month below.

September 27th: Mercury Retrograde

The most infamous of the retrogrades - Mercury begins its backwards cycle in Libra on September 27th. Mercury retrogrades three times annually and each retrograde period lasts approximately 3.5 weeks. In 2021 all three Mercury retrogrades take place in air signs - Aquarius, Gemini and now Libra. Mercury will begin its retrograde phase at 25 degrees Libra and then station for direct motion on October 18th at 10 degrees of the same sign. The entire Mercury retrograde period includes its pre and post retrograde shadows - signifying the time period when Mercury will move back through and then all the way forward again through degrees 10-25 of Libra. The pre retrograde shadow started on September 6th; the post retrograde shadow concludes on November 2nd.

Mercury rules communication, technology, travel, information, networking, friends and the media. While in retrograde some of these things can go a little haywire. There might be extra traffic, random accidents, technology snafus and communication breakdowns. These less glamorous features of Mercury retrograde give the cycle a bad name. However, these thrice annual periods have an upside. Mercury retrograde is a great time to slow down, savor the moment, review, revise, re-write, rest and reflect. It's a good time to take stock of what is and what is not working in your life. The pace of life can slow down a bit during these cycles - a welcome respite during what otherwise feels like a hectic, rat race through our modern lives. In some ways Mercury retrograde represents the concept - slowing down to speed up. It's a time to install the updates in your life, reboot and restart your system so that it ends up running better overall. Both days when Mercury changes direction (September 27th retrograde and October 18th direct) are well aspected, helping to amplify the positive themes of this cosmic occurrence.

October 6th - Libra New Moon & Pluto Direct

The New Moon in Libra pairs well with the first of four planets stationing for direct motion in a 12 day period. New Moons typically usher in a new cycle and represent new beginnings. That should be very obvious with this particular lunar event since it serves as the opening act for a dramatic change in direction. This New Moon might bring balance and stability to anything that has felt out of whack. Pluto will begin forward motion today at 24 degrees Capricorn. Pluto represents the psyche, psychology, the shadows, secrets, motives, birth, death, rebirth and transformation. While retrograde, Pluto can shine the light inward so that you have to confront parts of yourself that you've rejected. If you've made good use of this energy over the last few months, you'll now be ready to show up differently in the world and help bring about desired change.

October 7th - Venus enters Sagittarius

Venus enters the sign of the archer where it will remain until November 5th. In Sagittarius, Venus approaches love from an educational and spiritual perspective. It's all about discovery, self-exploration and how romantic relationships bring you closer to the Divine. Venus in Sagittarius loves the honeymoon phase of relationship and wants to feel a sense of freedom and expansion. Venus in Sagittarius seeks relationships that broaden their horizons - not ones that make their lives smaller. This is a great time to travel and wax poetic long into the evening hours over an espresso far away in some distant land.

October 9th - New Mercury

The Sun and retrograde Mercury link up at precisely the same degree of Libra today, forming an aspect called a conjunction. Typically a conjunction acts as a catalyst and will amplify the energy of both celestial bodies involved. When the Sun conjuncts retrograde Mercury this is known as an Inferior Conjunction. Another term for this is Mercury cazimi - cazimi meaning "in the heart of the Sun." When Mercury retrograde links up with the Sun it acts like a New Moon - except involving Mercury instead. This time period can be thought of as a new Mercury cycle. A Mercury cycle typically lasts approximately 116 days. Even though Mercury is still retrograde, this is thought to be a great time to gestate and brainstorm on a new project or initiative.

October 10th - Saturn Direct

The Lord of Karma - Saturn ends its retrograde cycle today and changes directions. In general Saturn is a serious planet ruling karma, your life purpose, career, business, goals and responsibilities, government, structure and foundation, public life and reputation. With Saturn and several other planets about to go direct you might witness some new developments in terms of your career. A promotion, unexpected job offer or business collaboration could be on its way.

October 18th - Mercury & Jupiter Direct

Two planets end their retrograde cycles today leaving Chiron, Uranus and Neptune still in reverse motion. With Mercury and Jupiter moving forward again, it's likely that you'll really start to feel some momentum. The day or two before/after a planet's change in direction can be the most intense and Mercury will still be in its post retrograde shadow until November 2nd. Nevertheless communication and travel should be easier now. Jupiter rules education, expansion, growth, optimism, exploration, philosophy, world travel and wisdom. Jupiter will make its way through the remaining 8 degrees of Aquarius and enter Pisces on December 28th. With this planet in direct motion now, some outward, external growth is likely to occur. This could come in the form of strategic partnerships and alliances, supportive groups and teams and initiatives that help to propel your sustainability and success well into the future.

October 20th - Aries Full Moon

Libra season starts to wrap up with a Full Moon in Aries on October 20th. Full Moons are said to represent a peak, a climax and a crescendo of sorts that gives way to a release and letting go. There is a build up of energy that typically comes to a head around the time of a Full Moon. During a Full Moon, the Moon is always directly opposite the Sun - bringing a particular polarity into the spotlight. Libra season serves to remind you of the magic of relationship and the power of being seen and witnessed by another. At the other end of the spectrum is Aries - the most independent of the twelve signs. Aries reminds you to stand on your own two feet, walk to the beat of your own drummer and prioritize your needs and desires. Together these two signs represent the ever present dance between "Me and You."

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