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Jupiter - Sun Conjunction

The Sun and Jupiter join forces November 25th and 26th. These two planets meet at the same degree of fire sign Sagittarius (something that happens only every 12 years or so.) The Sun and Jupiter form a conjunction annually but the Jupiter transit of Sagittarius happens only every 12 years as Jupiter spends about one year in each sign of the zodiac. Jupiter rules Sagittarius making this conjunction a bit more special. Jupiter is abundance, expansion, growth, evolution and higher consciousness. Jupiter also rules exploration, travel, philosophy, politics, religion, truth-seeking and adventure.

The Sun represents some core components of your personality. Each zodiac month, the Sun signs on a new sector - illuminating a particular section of our lives and personalities. During a Sun - Jupiter conjunction you might experience an expansion of some sort. You'll want to see where Sagittarius is in your chart - look for the house or houses that contain Sagittarius to see where this Sun/Jupiter aspect lands for you. Jupiter is a touch of good luck, positive fortune and favorable odds. If your Sun sign or Rising sign is Sagittarius this celestial event will be even more powerful for you.

The coming weeks should bring a wave of clarity - yesterday evening Neptune finally exited its retrograde phase and resumed direct motion. When a planet stations (meaning preparing to change directions), the impact can be felt more intensely. Neptune is the planet of spirituality, dreams, symbols, altered states of consciousness, addiction and rules fog, the ocean and the unconscious. When Neptune stations you might feel a little befogged, hazy, sleepy - a high of sorts. It can be hard to see clearly during a Neptune station - especially one that coincides with Mercury retrograde. As Neptune gets its bearings moving forward, the fog will lift and things that were tugging at your psyche in dreams or symbols will move to the forefront of your mind.

Overall these two days are very favorable for meditations, tapping into your intuition, manifestation rituals, intention setting, harvesting the fruits of your effort from all of 2018 so far and for taking risks. This last week of November features the last quarter moon in Virgo on Thursday as we begin to wind down the Scorpio lunar cycle that ends with the Sagittarius New Moon on December 7th.

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