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Jupiter Retrograde

The final planet to go retrograde this month is the giant Jupiter. Jupiter rules global travel, higher education, philosophy, politics, religion, wisdom and the truth. Jupiter is a spiritual seeker and lover of knowledge. Jupiter is the immortal student as well as teacher. Due to the planet's immense physical size and also its energetic presence, Jupiter expands whatever section of the sky it's in and whatever part of your birth chart he's transiting through. Jupiter magnifies and expands consciousness and brings positive fortune to the area he currently visits. I sometimes like to refer to Jupiter as the cosmic Santa Claus.

Jupiter has been in Capricorn since December 2nd, 2019 and will remain in this sign through December 19th, 2020. Typically Jupiter transits one sign per year. Jupiter's magnifying effect added more fuel to the fire that was started on January 12th, 2020 with a Saturn - Pluto conjunction in the same sign - Capricorn. This conjunction early in the year will have several reverberations throughout all of 2020 as Jupiter aligns with Pluto three times and then once with Saturn on the Winter Solstice. All of this energy in Capricorn has shaken up business, commerce, government, as well as the structure and foundation of society. We're collectively in the midst of a handful of earthquakes - rocking us to the core. These metaphorical rumblings are challenging us to determine what we value as a society.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all shaking up the way we work and do business. With Jupiter's expansive energy it's entirely possible to make some forward strides career wise even when it seems as though the world is falling apart. The key is being willing to pivot - willing to try new things - willing to learn by "failing." We're being asked to be really flexible this year and creative so that we can work towards a more sustainable foundation that supports as many people as possible.

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