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Jupiter Enters Sagittarius: November 8th, 2018

It's a homecoming today for giant Jupiter as he enters Sagittarius where he will stay through December 2nd, 2019. Jupiter spends approximately one year in each sign - cycling through the entire zodiac in about 12 years. Approximately every 12 years, Jupiter returns to the sign that he was in at your birth - this is referred to as a Jupiter return. It's interesting to analyze these 12 year cycles and see if anything significant happens in your life at each benchmark.

This happens to be a Jupiter return cycle for me as I was born with Jupiter in Sagittarius. This corresponds roughly to ages 12/24/36/48/60/72/84/96. During a Jupiter return you can typically count on a year filled with growth and expansion in some section of your chart. I recently read that Jupiter returns can coincide with pregnancy. This struck me as I became pregnant almost exactly 12 years ago. At that time in my life I was barely functioning as an adult and certainly not in a position to care for another human being. It ended up being one of the most difficult years of my life. The growth for me over that next year was about learning to forgive myself and giving myself permission to make the choices that seemed best for me and all involved. Of course not everyone will agree with the choice I made but I've never regretted it. Have I felt remorse? Absolutely. But regret - no. That year expanded my thoughts about life, who I was, who I wanted to be with and what my core values were/are. We'll see what happens this time around ;).

Jupiter is a joyful planet and his presence in your chart usually blesses the house that he resides in. Jupiter is about growth, higher consciousness and exploration. This planet rules things like philosophy, higher education, politics, religion, truth seeking, long distance travel, global studies and essentially anything that expands your mind. The focus for the next year collectively will probably be about making sure that the truth is heard. As we are living in this time of fake news and multiple opposing realities it can be really hard to see things clearly. Jupiter encourages us to keep learning and growing; an education is a powerful asset. This planet is the great cosmic teacher or guru encouraging us to be good students. During this year of Jupiter in its home sign you might travel to a country you've never been to before (I'm going to El Salvador - woohoo!), read a book about a topic you are unfamiliar with, engage in friendly dialogue with someone who has different political views than you, play a sport or try a physical form of exercise that is new to you. Most importantly have fun and remember that the sky is the limit!

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