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June 27th Mars enters Aries

Towards the end of the month Mars enters Aries - the sign of its rulership. Mars will spend a longer than usual amount of time in Aries as it will move backwards in the sign during a retrograde phase from September 9th to November 13th. Mars retrogrades approximately every 26 months so it's a bit more rare than say Mercury retrograde which happens 3 times annually. Mars represents masculine energy, drive, determination, will power, ambition, sex drive and anger. Mars functions extremely well in Aries as the Aries archetype is that of the Warrior. This sign is the best at carrying out the mission and intention of Mars. Aries is confident, bold, independent and full of energy. This transit will give us a little fuel during what is essentially a summer of retrogrades. It might be hard to get big projects off the ground and implement big outer changes as the focus this summer will be on slowing down and turning inward.

Retrograde energy has a feminine/yin/receptive vibe. Mars in the most masculine sign of the zodiac. The Mars retrograde cycle will help to blend the energies of the two. When Mars is functioning well he exudes the qualities of the divine masculine which are things like: deep presence, honesty, logical, protective, confident, has discipline, focused, accountable, has integrity, has boundaries and offers stability. The wounded masculine shows up in things like being overly controlling, overly aggressive, avoidant, too competitive, manipulative, reactive, abusive and unstable.

We all possess inner feminine and masculine energy. How these two energies function in your life and in your personality can be gleaned by analyzing your Mars and Venus signs. These two signs are also integral in terms of romantic compatibility. Sometimes your Mars, Venus and Moon pairings can be even more important than comparing things like Sun and Rising signs. You moon sign indicates how you process and communicate your emotions. Your Mars sign indicates what you're passionate about and what type of energy you lead in your life with. Your Venus sign indicates what you're looking for in terms of forging an intimate connection with someone. You'll want to look at the part of your chart that contains Aries to analyze how this transit will impact you. This is one of many things we go over in a transit/forecast astrology reading. Hit me up if you'd like to book one!

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