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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The Full Moon arrives at 12:16am EST on Monday January 21st at zero degrees Leo. This full moon is also a total lunar eclipse however, for those of us in the northeastern United States this lunar event will be visually blocked by a winter storm. Although we might not get to view this cosmic show we’ll still feel the effects. The impact of an eclipse can take up to 6 months to reverberate through your life, your psyche, your world. This is the last eclipse in a series along the Leo – Aquarius axis that began back in February 2017. This eclipse brings with it a culmination of sorts or perhaps it will feel more like a final examination. The Leo – Aquarius axis describes our relationship between the individual and the collective. At extremes it represents the selfish and the selfless. You might have a prejudice against one of those words (selfish?) but in fact both can be good and bad. Sometimes selfish is good – i.e. putting your own oxygen mask on first before helping others. Sometimes too much selflessness can be bad – i.e. martyrdom or never having a preference or opinion about anything so you force those around you to make all the decisions. Leo and Aquarius help us to remember that ME and WE rhyme and exist in relationship together. My needs and your needs are important. Opposite signs within the zodiac always bring up a dichotomy and show us how to find balance.

The Sun enters Aquarius just hours before the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – beginning #aquariusseason with a bang. Full Moons in general are times of heightened emotion, intensity and can signify the apex, climax and/or birthing of an event, a project or an intention that you set two weeks back at the New Moon. The Moon symbolizes emotions, moods and consciousness. When the moon is full the maximum amount of light is available symbolizing increased access to one’s consciousness or psyche. During an eclipse, the light of the moon is temporarily blocked and the moon appears red as the earth’s shadow passes over it. An eclipse can reveal something that has been hidden from consciousness. It might bring an issue to the surface that you’ve been reluctant to deal with. Lunar eclipses tend to impact our relationships whereas solar eclipses tend to impact our personality, will, drive, ambition or lack thereof.

Full moons are auspicious times for releasing and letting go. This one is even more so considering it’s the last of a string of eclipses in Leo. I don’t know about you but I’m ready for some new lessons. After this eclipse the remainder of them in 2019 will be along the Cancer/Capricorn axis shifting the focus to public and private life or the notion of work/life balance. In general, a full moon in Leo is a celebratory, upbeat one. Leo is a bubbly fire sign, known for its passion, warm heart, loyalty, flair, confidence and charisma. The heat of Leo is indeed opposite the coolness of aloof Aquarius. The burning warmth of Leo is a warm welcome now that winter is truly in full swing and we might be yearning for the more carefree, spontaneous vibes that are more characteristic of the summer season. Leo rules creativity and self-expression. During this full moon eclipse, perhaps there’s something burning inside of you that has been dying to get out. Tap into the boldness of Leo to share your message with those around you.

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