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Full Moon in Gemini

The Gemini Full Moon reaches its apex just after Thanksgiving on Friday November 23rd at 12:39am EST. This moon phase also pairs with the Sun's entrance into Sagittarius - occurring less than 24 hours before. The full moon touches 0 degrees Gemini - a number associated with beginnings. It's an interesting feature - taking place towards the end of the calendar year and also during Mercury retrograde - when new beginnings are not encouraged. The planet that rules Gemini is Mercury so the full moon is a bit tethered by this reality. Moonology dictates that the full moon phase is a good one for releasing and letting go. This is the type of energy called for during Mercury retrograde too. It's a time of patience - a forced slow down - a beckoning to look inward and review the past. A saying in 12 step circles is "we will not regret the past, nor wish to shut the door on it." It's important to learn from the past as history repeats itself but we must remember that life only happens in the present.

Gemini rules communication, media, gossip, technology, social events, networking, sales, siblings, friends and short trips. Overall Gemini is concerned with knowing something about everything. This makes for an inquisitive and curious mind that is insatiable. Its opposite sign - Sagittarius - concerns itself with long distance travel, higher education, philosophy, religion, politics, truth-seeking, expanding one's consciousness and exploring everything there is to explore in this Universe. The difference between Gemini and Sagittarius is one of quality. Both are hungry for knowledge but one prefers breadth while the other seeks depth. Gemini keeps things light and interesting while Sagittarius reminds us of the deeper truths. As with any polarity, swinging too far to one end of the spectrum can be detrimental. Full moons always bring up a polarity of some kind (as the Sun and Moon are always in opposite signs) to encourage us to find balance. The Full Moon reminds us that there are always two sides to any issue and that it's easy to judge something without knowing all of the facts.

Take 10 minutes to yourself on Thursday night or Friday morning to get quiet and meditate. They say that prayer is talking to God (or the Universe) and meditation is listening. By becoming still and quiet it can be easier to hear your inner voice. Follow the compass of your inner truth and stay open to guidance from the skies above. If we move too fast through this life, we'll miss many profound messages. Sometimes life is hard but it doesn't always have to be. Drop the rock and allow yourself to drift with the current as opposed to swimming against the stream.

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