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Full Moon in Cancer

The Full Moon arrives today (December 22nd) at 12:48pm EST. A Full Moon is always opposite the Sun in the sky. Yesterday marked the Winter Solstice with the Sun's entrance into Capricorn. The dynamic between Cancer and Capricorn is expressed by some of these pairs of themes: work/life balance, mother/father, private/public, ambition/rest, emotion/practicality, home/office and being/doing. Together these extremes help us to find a better balance. This is always part of the lesson of each Full Moon - striking a balance between pairs of opposites. These themes will characterize much of 2019 as the North and South nodes are now in these two signs (north node in Cancer, south node in Capricorn.) The nodes represent the places along the eliptic (the Sun's path) where the moon's path intersects resulting in solar and lunar eclipses. January will kick off this new eclipse season with a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 5th with the New Moon. I'll write more on that in a separate post.

Today's Full Moon in Cancer is destined to bring up ALL THE FEELS. Cancer is a highly emotional and moody sign. She feels everything to the Nth degree. Cancer is a cardinal water sign - teaching the world how to navigate emotion. This reality can produce endless waves of empathy and compassion but sometimes the heightened emotional state can be exhausting and Cancer needs to retreat back to her crab shell. Spending some time in your own crab shell this weekend may be just what the doctor ordered. Coming right on the heels of the Winter Solstice, all of the cosmic energy right now suggests slowing down. Our deep core wounds could be triggered and family dynamics may be tense. Give yourself permission to take a time out this weekend. La Luna knows that you're doing your very best and putting 110% into everything. Wrap that Cancerian compassion around yourself like a giant hug. Get cozy - throw a few logs onto the fire, make some hot cocoa or better yet find a cacao ceremony to be part of. Even though things might feel really intense under this lunation, remember that the Universe has your back. The energy of a Full Moon is typically felt two days leading up to fullness and for the two days following as the energy is dispersed. Give yourself the gift of rest as we make our way through the birth canal into a brand New Year.

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