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August Astrology

August 1st

August begins with the Sun in Leo lasting until the 22nd. The Sun shines proud and bright in Leo, adding an overall sense of warmth, positivity and vitality into the air. Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, rules the fifth house and is a fixed, yang, fire sign. Overall it governs self-expression, creativity, individuality, loyalty, passion, dating, romance, flirtation, art, drama, acting and children. Some characteristics of the Leo zodiac sign are: bold, confident, warm, passionate, exuberant, bubbly, theatrical, dramatic, creative, vivacious, loyal, big hearted, selfish and self centered. Leo season is the perfect time to focus on your unique gifts and take the actions to share them with the world. The world is a stage and it's big enough for everyone!

Mercury is now in Leo as well and forms a Superior Conjunction with the Sun on August 1st. At this stage Mercury is operating at maximum speed and efficiency. While in Leo, your thoughts become bigger and bolder. A Sun-Mercury conjunction is like Mercury's version of a Full Moon - you could think of it as a Full Mercury. This is a great time for getting your message out into the world, networking and things of that nature.

August 2nd + 6th

Uranus is active this month, forming a trine with Venus on August 2nd and then squaring the Leo Sun on August 6th. Uranus is the mover and shaker, change agent and rebel of the zodiac. When aligning with Venus - one of the astrological benefics, you can expect some pleasant surprises on the romance, dating and relationship front. While squaring the Sun things get a little more edgy and tense. In some ways this square is similar to the trifecta of Saturn - Uranus squares taking place in 2021. The Sun in Leo wants to move forward unbridled by restraints of any kind while Uranus in Taurus resists change, preferring to stick with the familiar.

August 8th

This is one of the most powerful days of 2021. The Leo New Moon arrives sandwiched between two Aquarius Full Moons back to back. This lunation arrives during the peak of the Lionsgate portal. Lionsgate occurs annually from approximately July 26th to August 12th. It is during this time that Sirius (one of the biggest and brightest stars in the solar system nicknamed the Spiritual Sun) appears visible in the sky. This time period coincided with the flooding of the Nile in ancient Egypt and was considered auspicious and a time of celebration. The portal peaks on August 8th and carries the potent numerological significance of the repeating number 8/8. The number 8 represents infinity (it is the infinity symbol if you turn it on its side) and the alchemical marriage between the physical realm and the metaphysical. This number represents manifestation and anything that you attempt to channel and call in will be supported during this time. Manifestation is taking ideas and dreams from the metaphysical world and birthing them into three dimensional reality. The Lionsgate portal truly supports bringing your dreams to life. It is strengthened by the co-occurring New Moon - a time of new beginnings, planting seeds and setting intentions.

August 11th

Mercury joins Venus and Mars in this mental earth sign to really help you clean up your act. This is a great time to focus on what you're allowing into your energetic field. Virgo rules the processes of digestion and assimilation. Anything that you subject yourself to - food, social media, the news, people, experiences and spaces all need to be integrated and processed. Virgo wants to purify and perfect. This is a great time to commit to an empowering morning routine, take a look at where you could afford to have more boundaries around your time and energy and take an accurate look at your overall wellness.

August 16th

Venus enters one of the two signs she rules mid month. Venus has excellent taste in Libra, reveling in the finer pleasures, luxury and art. With Venus in her domicile and the Sun in sassy, opulent Leo, this could be a great time to buy yourself a fun, new outfit that you feel powerful and sexy in.

August 19th

Uranus stations and enters its annual retrograde cycle from August 19th to January 18th, 2022. It joins Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron giving you the chance to review and re-do anything that needs an overhauling before the Fall. Uranus is in work oriented Taurus until 2026. Uranus is the change agent, the mover and shaker and the rebel of the zodiac. This planet prefers to challenge the status quo, initiate change and blaze new trails. Uranus is said to be in its fall in Taurus as the stubborn earth sign is slow to change. Uranus has clashed with Saturn in Aquarius two times in 2021 so far with the third and final square between these two planets happening on December 24th, 2021. You are being asked to integrate your work ethic with your worth ethic.

August 22nd

Leo season wraps itself up in a neat little bow with this second Aquarius Full Moon in a row. This lunation occurs at 29 degrees - the very last degree of Aquarius. The final degree of any zodiac sign is infused with the energy of completion, wrap up and endings. It can also represent hanging on to something that is no longer of service to you or anyone else. With two full moons in a row in the same sign there is a clear message from the Universe that an important lesson is calling out for your attention. How will you step up and serve? If you truly embodied your expertise and knew that you were here for a sacred mission, how would you show up in your life? How would you show up in your business? The world needs your magic and your medicine.

The Sun enters Virgo at 5:35pm ET on August 22nd, ushering in the last month of the summer season in the northern hemisphere. Virgo is a mental earth sign - more air-like due to its rule by Mercury. Virgo is like the clean up crew that arrives to tidy up after the debauchery of Leo Season. Virgo is a yin, mutable earth sign that rules the 6th house. Perfecting things on the physical plane of existence are of utmost importance to this sign. Health and wellness, nutrition and supplements, order and organization, service, chores, and caring for another's physical health and wellbeing fall under the purview of Virgo. With impeccable attention to detail, Virgo prioritizes efficiency - always looking to implement systems and strategies that support the ideal outcome. One of the lesson's of this zodiac sign is that it pays to do the small things well. Another adage that could be connected with this sign, is "how you do one thing is how you do everything." Paying attention to the details now will save you from a future headache. Virgo is associated with the

intestines and rules digestion. This is always a great time of the year to assess whether or not you're fueling your physical body optimally.

August 29th

The first quarter moon in Gemini will align with the North Node in the same sign. This indicates that the Sun in Virgo will square both the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius. This aspect is known as a Moon Wobble. Some tension may be felt today as you try to integrate all of the information. You might experience a bit of overstimulation as Gemini seeks to learn about everything while Virgo tries to determine what is truly most important and integral.

August 30th

The month of August comes to a close with Mercury changing signs from orderly Virgo to fairness-minded Libra. With Mercury in Libra the focus shifts to trying to cultivate balance, weighing both sides of an issue fairly, finding ways to cooperate and negotiate and essentially keep the boat from rocking. Mercury in Libra can be prone to a bit of analysis paralysis as the strive for perfect balance can make it difficult to arrive at and stand behind a decision.

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