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Astrology for Scorpio Season

October 23rd: The Sun enters Scorpio

Scorpio season represents the metaphorical and literal (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere) decent into darkness. This is the middle month of the fall season and includes the exact halfway point between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice which usually falls on Halloween (October 31st) or the Day of the Dead (November 1st.) Other holidays that occur on these days with similar roots are Samhain (Celtic, pagan origins) and All Saint's Day. The term Samhain literally means "summer's end" and commemorated the gathering of the harvest. Scorpio is the perfect sign to accompany these various holidays as it represents the cycles of life and death - something that tends to be more obvious during the change of seasons.

Scorpio is a fixed, yin, water sign and is ruled by Pluto. It corresponds to the 8th house in astrology governing birth, death, rebirth, transformation, the occult, depth psychology, crime, secrets, motives, mediumship, the paranormal, taxes, inheritance and your spouse's (or your partner's) money. Archetypes relating to Scorpio include the Shaman, the Detective and the Psychologist. This sign loves to take a deep dive into the psyche, exploring the shadows and uncovering what really makes people do what they do. As a water sign, Scorpio has a very keen intuition and is incredibly perceptive. Scorpio is like a walking lie detector test, sensing and perceiving what someone's ultimate motives are. Scorpio is often acutely aware of the world beyond the three dimensions. It is not uncommon for them to connect with spirits, ghosts, energies or entities in other dimensions. They typically have one foot in the physical world and one foot in the metaphysical realm.

This Scorpio Season is fairly quiet - more of a continuation after busy Libra month unfolded with four planets changing directions. These next four weeks support working with ritual to mark the cycles and stages of life and transitions through the seasons. Honoring the dead and the phases of your own life that are no longer part of your reality will be especially potent and poignant.

October 30th: Mars enters Scorpio

About a week into #scorpioseason, Mars joins the Sun in the 8th sign of the zodiac. Mars functions quite well in Scorpio and is the ancient ruler of this sign. Before the telescope and the discovery of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and beyond) Mars was said to rule both Aries and Scorpio. Mars - the God of War, anger, assertiveness, action, ambition, drive, will power and libido is supported by Scorpio's strength, determination and tenacity. Although sensitive and deeply feeling, Scorpio is also one of the toughest signs of the zodiac. Mars will remain in Scorpio through December 13th, 2021. For this six week period you might be more motivated to dive into deep, emotional topics, confront someone or something that you've been tip-toeing around and really go after something that you strongly desire.

November 2nd: Mercury clears Retrograde Shadow

Mercury finally advances through all of the degrees of Libra that it went retrograde in from September 27th to October 18th. Mercury will visit certain degrees three separate times over the course of a retrograde cycle. While the planet is still in direct motion it will move forward through a specific number of degrees initially. Then it will backtrack while retrograde through those degrees for a review and second look. Once the planet is out of retrograde it has to move forward through those degrees again before it is finally into new territory. That is what the pre and post retrograde shadows refer to. On November 2nd, Mercury will finally clear these retrograde degrees and move beyond. You can think of the post retrograde shadow like a hangover - Mercury is still slow moving and some aftershocks can occur. By November 2nd the hangover is over and Mercury will start to gain speed and function with greater ease.

November 4th: Scorpio New Moon

The Scorpio New Moon is exact at 12 degrees Scorpio at 5:14pm ET. Typically the New Moon phase represents the beginning of a new four week cycle. You might find that initially energy is low due to the obscurity of the Moon from the night sky. As the Moon morphs into a crescent you'll probably start to feel the energy building. This New Moon is connected to the concept of resurrection. Over the last two weeks since the October 20th Full Moon and then Halloween and Day of the Dead it's likely that you got in touch with parts of yourself or aspects of your life that are no longer useful. Although these mini deaths can be painful they are ultimately necessary for your soul's evolution and advancement. This New Moon might add the element of surprise into your life as both the Moon and Sun in Scorpio are directly opposite Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the change agent, the rebel and the mover and shaker of the zodiac. Uranus likes to challenge the norm and resists falling in line with the status quo. Keep your eyes peeled during this New Moon and expect the unexpected.

November 5th - Mercury enters Scorpio

Just after the Scorpio New Moon, Mercury changes signs and joins the Sun and Mars in Scorpio. Mercury rules the mind, the intellect, communication, thought processes, words and ideas. While in Scorpio you might be drawn to true crime shows and murder mysteries as Scorpio tends to be curious about the dark side. Scorpio is an excellent detective and this energy can be used to solve problems and puzzles. Your mind might gravitate towards more taboo topics during this transit as well. You might feel more willing to discuss things that would ordinarily make you feel too uncomfortable.

November 5th - Venus enters Capricorn

Venus changes signs on the same day from freedom loving Sagittarius to serious Capricorn. This is an extra long transit due to Venus' upcoming retrograde cycle. Venus only retrogrades approximately every two years. Due to its retrograde cycle coming up in December it will remain in Capricorn until early March 2022 instead of its normal three week stint. Mixing business with pleasure is supported by this transit. With Venus in Capricorn love needs to be practical and it has to support your bottom line. You might team up with a loved one to co- create an offering or enter into some kind of business venture together. The one thing to watch for during Venus in Capricorn is getting caught up in all work and no play. The serious tone of Capricorn can intrude on Venus' normal desire for fun, passion and romance.

November 12th - Sun trine Neptune

The Scorpio Sun trines Neptune in Pisces today - a beautiful and flowing aspect. A trine is a 120 degree angle between two planets that are in signs of the same element (in this case both the Sun and Neptune are in water signs.) With the Sun and Neptune working in tandem, you might experience a deeper spiritual connection or breakthrough. This is a great day for activities like yoga, meditation, energy work, breath work, getting a tarot or astrology reading, communing with spirits and things of that nature.

November 19th - Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

This Full Moon in Taurus will be the first in a series of eclipses that take place along the Taurus - Scorpio axis. This is due to the fact that the lunar nodes are getting close to entering these two signs. The nodes officially enter Taurus and Scorpio on January 19th, 2022. In 2022 there will be four eclipses total - two in Taurus and two in Scorpio. There will actually be one more in Taurus and one more in Scorpio in year 2023. In some ways this particular Full Moon and Eclipse is a hybrid between one door closing and another one opening. Two weeks later during the Sagittarius New Moon on December 4th, there will be a solar eclipse marking the last in a string of eclipses in the Gemini - Sagittarius pairing. Full Moons are typically regarded as a time of completion, surrender and release. Lunar eclipses can uncover something that had previously been hidden. Eclipses involving the Moon often pertain to your most intimate relationships. Emotions can be extra intense during both a Full Moon and an eclipse. With the added emphasis from Scorpio on death and rebirth, this lunar event is likely to be a turning point for many people. If you stay open and watch for the signs, it's likely you'll receive an important message from your intuition, higher power, ancestors or spirit guides.

November 22nd - Sun enters Sagittarius

The darkness of Scorpio season gives way to a more effervescent energy as the Sun enters Sagittarius. Both Scorpio and Sagittarius have a hunger for wisdom and truth but Sagittarius pursues that in a more light hearted and detached way. Scorpio has a fascination with the taboo and tragic. Sagittarius is more philosophical and optimistic. Ruled by giant Jupiter, Sagittarius makes everything bigger and better. From the life of the party, to a great sense of humor and a charismatic energy, Sagittarius has an uplifting presence. You might be inclined to embark on a new course or class this zodiac month as Sagittarius is a life long student. The travel bug could bite as Sagittarius has an insatiable wanderlust and desire for new adventures. It's the perfect zodiac sign to accompany Thanksgiving as Sagittarius has a voracious appetite and loves celebrating with family and friends.

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