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Aries Full Moon September 24th

The Aries Full Moon clocks in on Monday September 24th at 10:52pm EST. Immediately on the heels of the Autumnal Equinox, this full moon points to a season of release, renewal and progress. The summer was dense, hot and sticky - temperature wise and also energetically with 6 and sometimes 7 planets in retrograde. When the moon is full it represents greater access to the subconscious. There is more light to help us see what's really going on unlike the dark, mysterious time of the new moon. Full moons bring clarity but also heightened intensity. Emotions peak at this time to bring everything up to the surface. Full moons will draw everything out - including newborn babies - more babies are born during full moons than any other phase.

This Full Moon is in Aries - a cardinal (having the characteristics of a leader) fire (passion, intensity) sign. Aries is raw masculine energy - ruled by the warrior planet Mars. Traits of this sign include independent, bold, confident, high energy, athletic, visionary and strong. The fierce independence of Aries is balanced by its opposite sign - Libra. These two signs share an axis or pole that swings between cooperation, togetherness and relationship versus solitude and independence. You can always have too much of a good thing. At an extreme Libra suffers from codependence while Aries can tend toward psychopathology. These two signs need each other in order to find a better balance. Your needs and my needs are important. This is the theme of the full moon - balance between solitude and partnership.

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