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Rich Bi$ch Business Reboot

Dollar Bill in Jar

Thursday September 22nd 
6-8pm ET Online

Summer is officially over and we’ve only got about 3 months left of 2022. If you’re like a lot of people I know, things have been a crazy whirlwind the last couple of years. The pandemic uprooted lives and sadly snuffed out others. Chances are you had to pivot in some sort of massive way. You’ve probably been working on your money mindset and trying to re-write your money story and most likely you've experienced a certain degree of success. It’s probably felt like a rollercoaster at times - chugging along upward into abundance and then zipping down into fears over inflation, a recession and the rest of the instability in the world. 


The path of the entrepreneur is definitely not a straight line. It’s full of zig-zags, spirals and curlicues. Now is the perfect time to re-center yourself as the CEO of your Rich Bi$ch business. With Mercury and five other planets retrograde during the date of this workshop, any word that begins with the letters “re” is underscored and highlighted. This is the perfect time to revisit principles of abundance, manifestation and the laws of the Universe. It’s the perfect day - the Autumnal Equinox with equal day and night - to bring your attitude, your business and your game plan into a healthy balance. 


In this two hour workshop you can expect a discussion regarding the state of the world and how there is still plenty of opportunity to go around; prompts to motivate and inspire you; exercises to have support and accountability around your goals and next steps; a meditation and somatic exercise to help you embody the vibration of abundance, a brief report on the astrological energy and how you can harness it to your advantage and more. 


This workshop will be live via Zoom and also recorded for those who would rather watch it after the fact. 


Cost = $22 (because I’m a numerology freak lol.) See you there!

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