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Somatic Soul Sessions
Recover, heal and thrive on all levels and prioritize your mind, body and spirit wellness. By utilizing holistic modalities like hypnosis, somatic exercises, tapping, breathwork, eye movement integration, reiki, meditation and more you could experience the following benefits:


*Feel more whole and integrated

*Emotional balance

*Increased peace and calm

*Reduced stress and anxiety

*Clearing and healing frozen trauma

*Reduced physical aches and pains

*Increased mental clarity and ability to focus

*Feeling more connected to your intuition

*Nervous system balance

*Increased confidence

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Pink Sugar
Somatic Therapy
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Mind -Body- Spirit Wellness

Allison Jones is a holistic business coach, yoga instructor, somatic therapist, astrologer and reiki practitioner. Once a former travel agent, she’s been a spiritual and wellness entrepreneur for 15 years. She is passionate about wellness and spirituality and loves helping people feel great on all levels - mind, body and spirit. Allison blends eastern modalities with western psychology and loves helping her clients to cultivate vitality, peace and happiness on all levels.

Over the years she’s worked in different yoga studios and wellness centers and also co-owned a yoga studio in the metro Boston area from 2017-2021. She is now the owner of Allison Jones Coaching, Astrology & Wellness and lives with her cat Lennox in St. Petersburg, Florida. There is truly no style of yoga that Allison does not like and she's trained in vinyasa, power, yin, restorative, prenatal, buti, hatha and yoga nidra. Some of the other certifications that Allison has include hypnosis, breath work, meditation, tapping (emotional freedom technique,) eye movement integration and elements from all of these things are sometimes woven into her classes, workshops and retreats. 

Allison's formal trainings include: 

*Bachelor’s in Philosophy Wellesley College 2005
*200 Hour YTT with Open Doors Yoga Studios 2009
*Reiki Levels 1 & 2 with Elise Brenner 2013
*85 Hour Prenatal Yoga Training with Barrett Reinhorn 2013
*Yogastrology Certification 2014
*True Self Leadership Training with the Pathways Institute 2016
*50 Hour Yin Yoga Training with Josh Summers 2018
*Applied Astrology 1 & 2 with Debra Silverman 2018
*Buti Yoga Training 2018
*100 hour yoga CE with Daniel Orlansky 2018
*Self Coaching Scholars Program with Brooke Castillo 2019
*Transformational Facilitator Training with Womben Wellness 2019
*P School with Julia Wells 2020
*300 Hour YTT with Jacqui Bonwell, Kim Spear and Courtney Bell 2020
*9 Month program with the Tabwoo Institute (hypnosis, NLP, EFT,) 2021
*Law of Attraction & Self Hypnosis with Chris Spink 2021
*Pleasure and Profit Launch Method with Julia Wells 2022
*Awake Certification with Rebecca Sullivan 2022
*Applied Polyvagal Theory in Yoga with Arielle Schwartz 2022
*Prosperity Codes with Melanie Ann Layer 2022
*Somatic Attachment Therapy with the Embody Lab 2022

Pink Sugar

"I'm so pleased with my decision to have Allison read my chart! Her ability to explain the attributes of the planets provided me with personalized insights and illuminated ways to maximize my strengths, while transcending my vulnerabilities. Her passion for astrology really brought the information to life and ignited my curiosity to keep exploring." 

Alecia D.

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Based on Eastern Time Zone.

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