Holistic Business Coaching
I help women eradicate limiting beliefs and build confidence so that they can have 
the six and seven figure businesses of their dreams. By revamping your money mindset and stepping into wealth consciousness you can:


*Cultivate an amazing relationship with money

*Have the sustainable 6 and 7 figure business of your dreams

*Make, receive and have more money and become an amazing money steward

*Do what you really love and make great money

*Have a better work/life balance

*Be able to take months of vacation time off annually

*Prioritize your overall health and wellness

*Have more time to spend with your loved ones

*Feel fulfilled and inspired

*Live your purpose

*Change lives and have a big impact

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Fall in Love with Your
Life and Your Business

Allison Jones is a holistic business coach, astrologer, yoga instructor and reiki practitioner. Once a former travel agent, she’s been a spiritual and wellness entrepreneur for over 10 years. She is passionate about blending business and spirituality and loves supporting other people in creating the lifestyle of their dreams. Allison loves blending eastern modalities with western psychology and helping her clients to cultivate wealth and abundance on all levels.


Over the years she’s worked in different yoga studios and wellness centers and also co-owned a yoga studio in the metro Boston area from 2017-2021. She is now the owner of Allison Jones Coaching, Astrology & Wellness and lives with her partner and cat in Tampa, Florida. She works with clients all over the world helping them experience wealth and abundance and cultivate the career and businesses of their dreams.

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"I'm so pleased with my decision to have Allison read my chart! Her ability to explain the attributes of the planets provided me with personalized insights and illuminated ways to maximize my strengths, while transcending my vulnerabilities. Her passion for astrology really brought the information to life and ignited my curiosity to keep exploring." 

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