Spiritual Business Coaching
Spiritual Business Coaching can help you:


*Cultivate an amazing relationship with money

*Make, receive and have more money and become an amazing money steward

*Build the career of your dreams

*Start your own business

*Leave your full time job

*Exit the rat race

*Feel more confident

*Build a better and more authentic social media presence

*Design a life and business that you absolutely love

*Create your dream products or services

*Work with your ideal clients

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Fall in Love with Your
Life and Your Business

Allison Chamberlain Jones is a spiritual business coach, entrepreneur, astrologer, yoga instructor, and reiki practitioner. She is co-owner of Wonder Yoga studio in Arlington, MA and owner of Allison Jones Coaching & Astrology - a virtual company. She believes in busting the old paradigm myths that say money is evil and that you can't be spiritual and rich. She loves helping people give themselves permission to experience inner and outer abundance and create the life and business/career that makes their soul sing. She's been a professional astrologer and yoga teacher for over 12 years and studied these two sciences for many years before that. She's been on an entrepreneurial journey for over 12 years as well and answered the call to become a spiritual business coach in 2020. She loves creating transformational group programs combining spirituality and practical business strategy. She also loves working with clients 1:1 to really dive deep. She lives in Bradenton, FL with her partner Victor and cat Lennox. 


"I'm so pleased with my decision to have Allison read my chart! Her ability to explain the attributes of the planets provided me with personalized insights and illuminated ways to maximize my strengths, while transcending my vulnerabilities. Her passion for astrology really brought the information to life and ignited my curiosity to keep exploring." 

Alecia D.

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