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Understand Your Child Through Astrology & Human Design

Where conscious parenting meets cosmic intelligence 


Tuesday January 24th, 2023 12-2pm ET

With Christy Dole & Allison Jones

Online via Zoom


Navigating the highs and lows of parenting can be quite a challenge. Sometimes it feels like there must be a manual that got buried somewhere long, long ago.  If you’ve ever struggled with understanding your child and communicating with them in a way that is actually received well, this workshop is for you. It can be difficult to determine when and how to nurture your child versus when to just allow nature to run its course. You can provide guidance but ultimately your kid may go down a different track. Straddling the lanes of control and surrender is a constant dance for parents. 


Christy and Allison will walk you through some of the principles of human design and astrology in order to better understand your child. Human design and astrology are systems of understanding the world, the universe and how the planets can shape our personalities and our destinies. In this two hour workshop we’ll use astrology and human design to better understand: 


*How your child perceives the world 

*How your child feels and processes emotions

*How your child’s mind works and their primary learning style

*How your child communicates

*How your child gives and receives love

*How your child handles conflict and anger

*The role and destiny your child might be here to fulfill

*How your child is meant to make decisions

*How much rest your child needs

*How much alone time they need

Your child’s general archetype 


The knowledge you will gain from this workshop could help you to:


*Feel closer with your children

*Understand them more fully

*Appreciate their quirks and idiosyncrasies

*Allow them to be different without making it mean anything negative about you

*Work through conflict faster

*Help them utilize their strengths and overcome their weaknesses


Before this workshop we’ll have you create astrology and human design charts for both you and your children. Ideally you’ll have these charts printed out or up on a separate screen for you to look at during the live workshop. We will send you an email in advance with instructions on how to download these charts. 


This workshop will be live online via Zoom but also recorded for those who can’t attend live but want to watch after the fact. 


Investment: $55




Christy’s Bio: 


Christy Dole is a guide and coach for spiritual Millenials and the Gen X community. She mixes different modalities like somatic healing, NLP and hypnosis techniques with understanding your Human Design and cyclical nature to guide you from being stuck to being in flow with life. Her mission is to help you return back to who you were before the world told you who to be. It's from this place that you are magnetic and magical and create the life you desire.


Allison’s Bio: 


Allison Jones is a holistic business coach, astrologer, yoga instructor and reiki practitioner. Once a former travel agent, she’s been a spiritual and wellness entrepreneur for over 10 years. She is passionate about blending business and spirituality and loves supporting other people in creating the lifestyle of their dreams. Allison loves blending eastern modalities with western psychology and helping her clients to cultivate wealth and abundance on all levels.


Over the years she’s worked in different yoga studios and wellness centers and also co-owned a yoga studio in the metro Boston area from 2017-2021. She is now the owner of Allison Jones Coaching, Astrology & Wellness and lives with in Bradenton, Florida. She works with clients all over the world helping them experience wealth and abundance and cultivate the career and businesses of their dreams.