Astrology Training

Personalized Coaching

The Level 1 Astrology Training program is a six month coaching program working with Allison one on one. Learn how to use the guidance of the planets and stars to better understand yourself, your strengths, gifts and YOUR UNIQUE PURPOSE in this lifetime. By utilizing this ancient wisdom you'll feel more connected to your PURPOSE and your POWER. Learn how to align your mind, body and spirit with the cycles in our solar system.
Learn how to understand and interpret birth charts so that you can give professional readings to others. Learn about the different planetary aspects, their impacts, how to forecast upcoming transits and teach others effectively and powerfully about astrology.
Tap into the wisdom of nature, the four seasons, the phases of the moon, the energy of each planet and each zodiac sign. Get guidance on the best romantic matches, how to navigate relationships you're already in and make smart career choices that align with YOUR UNIQUE BLUEPRINT. Harness the cycles of the cosmos to your advantage and reclaim your inner divinity.
*You want to learn more about astrology, the zodiac signs, the planets and the houses.
*You want to feel more connected to nature and the universe.
*You want to work more intimately with the cycles of the moon, planets and seasons.
*You want to learn the basics of astrology and understand your own birth chart.
*You want to give professional astrological readings.
*You want astrology to become a part-time or full-time career.
*You want to feel supported as you continue to co-create your EPIC life.
6 Months of Education & Support
One 90 Minute Coaching Call per Month for 6 Months. Monthly Module Topics:
Introduction & Astrology Overview 
Diving into the 12 Signs
Exploring the 12 Houses
Reading and Interpreting Birth Charts
Transits and Forecasting
Building Your Astrology business
*Worksheets for each month's topic
*2 emails per each of the six months with the upcoming astrology and tips on how you can harness the energy of the cosmos to your direct advantage.
*Access to Allison via unlimited email to ask questions.
*Automatic Access to the weekly Yogastrology class on Wednesday nights.
*Certificate of completion when the course is over. 
Sessions are done via Zoom and all are recorded.
Single Payment option =  $500 deposit and $2000 final payment
Payment Plan = 6 Monthly Payments of $499 per month
*There is no refund for unused services. All payments are non-refundable and nontransferable. 
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